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We are delighted to share insights and predictions about the mobile industry in 2013 with our Appcelerator/IDC Q4 2012 Mobile Developer Report.

Key findings::

  • Interest in iOS and Android Platforms Remains Stable
    Despite the introduction of new products in Q4 and the massive success of devices like the iPod mini, Amazon Kindle, Samsung Galaxy S III, and iPhone 5, developer interest in the most popular platforms (i.e. iOS, Android, Blackberry) remains high, but relatively unchanged since Q3 2012.
  • Amazon Kindle Struggles
    Despite Amazon's sizeable investment in its signature Kindle tablet, developers doubt that the device provides significant revenue opportunities.
  • Google Nexus Starts Strong
    An unprecedented number of respondents express strong interest in developing mobile apps for the Nexus platform.
  • Microsoft Surface Insufficient
    Microsoft's Surface tablet has yet to excite the developer community.
  • Mobile Will Forever Change Retail
    Mobile developers anticipate that it is "likely to very likely" that most retail companies will have enabled mobile commerce in 2013.

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